Our community has more than twenty years of history in Dallas. What began as five or six families coming together to study the Bible and pray together, quickly became a community that regularly gathered at nearby churches for Masses and meetings. As the numbers grew, they requested that the Diocese of Dallas help establish a permanent Chinese Catholic community in 1990. In 1992, we put our money together and purchased a small office building in Richardson, Texas. By the end of 1993, we had renovated it to become our sanctuary and activity hall. With the guidance of priests seconded from Taiwan and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, our small community grew stronger in numbers and in faith.



根據世界日報四月廿一日十一頁 A 之報導:題目是「誰不來晚餐?」一訊說:「最近華府智庫常講的一句話是「誰不來晚餐?」Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner?利用 Who 和 Hu 的諧音,這句話變成「胡錦濤不來晚餐?」正由於不來晚餐,胡錦濤廿日的華府行變成「只是一次訪問」,而不是北京所希望的「國是訪問」。也正因為如此,胡錦濤將成為第一位首次正式訪問美國而未享受「國是訪問」待遇的中國國家主席。


記得在咱們中國天主教會中曾有過兩位有名望之樞機主教。一位是香港之胡振中樞機主教,而另一位是聞名於世之于斌樞機主教。後者已去世,而胡振中樞機主教仍活在香港。有一天,于大樞機在天上得悉胡樞機病重,他便從天上撥一通電話向胡樞機慰問。結果當胡樞機接上電話時,便問對方:Who is calling and Who are you? (誰來電話?您是誰?) 而對方答說:I am Cardinal Paul Yu. Who are you? 于樞機卻反問他一句,於是胡樞機便回答說:I am Cardinal Hu. Whom you are telling to. (我乃是胡樞機,您正在與他談話呀!) 於是二人便大笑一聲。

因此「胡」Hu 與「誰」Who?便成為名人諧音笑話之趣聞了。


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