Our community has more than twenty years of history in Dallas. What began as five or six families coming together to study the Bible and pray together, quickly became a community that regularly gathered at nearby churches for Masses and meetings. As the numbers grew, they requested that the Diocese of Dallas help establish a permanent Chinese Catholic community in 1990. In 1992, we put our money together and purchased a small office building in Richardson, Texas. By the end of 1993, we had renovated it to become our sanctuary and activity hall. With the guidance of priests seconded from Taiwan and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, our small community grew stronger in numbers and in faith.

The Tan Family

Adrian Tan



The Tan (Chen in Pinyin) family came about in 1991, when Adrian married his High School sweetheart Linda after eight years of courtship. Brandon was born five years later, and the family is happily settled in Murphy, Texas.

Adrian is currently a full-time faculty with the Sociology Department at Southern Methodist University, and Linda will join the staff of Texas Woman’s University (School of Management) come August 2008. Brandon will be in the 7th Grade at Cooper Junior High School (Wylie ISD) this fall.

Higher Education has been the lifeblood of the Tan family. Adrian has been in higher education for most of his professional career, and Linda earned her degrees from places Adrian worked. Brandon was born and raised on different University settings, and loves to visit his father’s workplace whenever the opportunity presents itself. Brandon’s dream is to attend Southern Methodist University.

Linda has an Associate’s Degree from Ohio University (Athens, OH), a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and MBA from Sul Ross State University (Alpine, TX).

Adrian earned his Bachelor’s Degree (English & Philosophy) and Master’s Degrees (Sociology & International Affairs) from Ohio University. He has a PhD in Sociology from the University of North Texas (Denton, TX).

Adrian enjoys reading and spending long hours working out at the gym on a daily basis. He also runs an average of 20 miles a week with the four family dogs. Adrian would watch old Kung Fu movies featuring his childhood heroes Wang Yu, Bruce Lee, David Chiang, Ti Lung and Alexander Fu Sheng occasionally.

Linda enjoys shopping, eating, and follows Adrian to the gym whenever she has the opportunity. She loves engaging home improvement projects, gardening, and is a frequent visitor to Lowes and Home Depot.

Brandon enjoys the natural sciences, and would spend hours in the garden observing creatures. He loves marine creatures as well, and was able to name the various species of sharks upon sight when he was five. He once aspired to be Marine Biologists but changed his mind upon the death of the “Crocodile Hunter”.

Unlike his father, Brandon enjoys the fine arts. He became a die hard fan of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats”, when he was three, and still is to this present day. Brandon also loves to draw, and plays the Saxophone.

The Tans are proud to be part of the Sacred Heart of Jesus community, and hope to do more for the Church. Adrian is currently the President of the Chinese School PTA, and has volunteered to teach CCD classes in fall.




陳國雄和黃瑞蓮是高中同學,經過八年的愛情長跑後於一九九一年結婚。他們的兒子陳春明在結婚五年後出生。陳國雄一家現定居在德克薩斯州墨菲市(Murphy, Texas).

國雄目前是南方衛理公會大學(SMU)社會學系的全職教師。瑞蓮將在2008年八月去德州女子大學商學院(Texas Woman’s University,School of Management)工作。春明今年秋季將是庫珀初中(Cooper Junior High School)的七年級學生.


瑞蓮從俄亥俄大學(Ohio University)獲大專文憑,從羅斯州立大學(Sul Ross State University)獲企業管理學士、碩士學位。國雄則從俄亥俄大學獲英語、哲學學士和社會、國際關係碩士;從北德州大學(University of North Texas)獲社會學博士.


瑞蓮喜歡購物,出外飲食,一有機會就和國雄去健身房。她熱愛家居改善工程,園藝,並經常逛Lowes和Home Depot商場。




Accompanying Jesus: Prayers from a Lenten Retreat


Sharing by Louisa &Anthony

In the retreat which lasted over the entire Lent season and which we had shared in the April 2008 issue of Grapevine , we have received and keep receiving many gifts. Among them is the sweet companion with Jesus in the Eucharist.

I guess no one would prepare oneself with the sacrament of the sick before going to the hospital for a normal delivery. Yet when it was found later that Louisa had lost blood clotting function and had already lost about half of the body’s blood, it became most urgent to find a priest to administer this sacrament. I was thankful for the gift of this sacrament which had prepared her with either the grace to enter into the perfect love of God or the grace that we may stay longer.

When I did not know yet where she would go, the time we had in the past was most thankful for. It had been a tremendous gift that Louisa and I had come into each other’s life so that we can accompany each other in our journey to experience the love of God. I thank Jesus for so many daily gifts throughout many years we have journeyed together to share and witness the love of God.

What we have at present could only be a dream at that time. I was told that a patient normally cannot hold more than 24 hours without encountering organ failure. As she continued to bleed while receiving transfusion, Jesus having emptied all His Blood to reveal the love of God has become our strength.

When I take gifts for granted, the worldly desires would then occupy the soul, and an ungrateful heart can never be satisfied. It is through thankfulness that I realize the abundance of gifts. Being so much indebted with gifts, many other things do not matter any more, be it a delicious meal, an argument, or an ego.

I can never thank Jesus enough. I deserve nothing, but God continues to give us more and more. I do not know what else we can offer in return, but to live a meaningful life according to its purpose from God who is love. So if we are gifted with the opportunity to stay together again we pray that we may witness love together. Not only was I desperate for this opportunity, I also needed to pray for Irene that she, being new born at that time, would not lose her mother.

Louisa was subsequently able to pass through numerous medical conditions one at a time. Some conditions may be fatal. Others bear risks of permanent damage. As we need to thank for the gifts we have already received, it is most humbled having to pray for the next gift of healing in each new condition.

Having experienced the generous gift of blood from so many people and the gift of life, the experience with the Eucharist sacrament is never the same any more. Each time the priest consecrates the Eucharist, I am determined to respond to the love of the Body and Blood of Jesus, whose love will then overwhelm my soul so much that I sometimes cannot hold my tears.

At first, I felt embarrassing to cry during the Eucharistic celebration. I thought it might be rare so that I had kept this as a secret with my sweet Jesus. Yet how can one not breakdown as it is impossible for our physical body to hold so much love of Jesus? Now I understand that many people must have cried also. It is then not necessary to keep this secret, in order that we can share with each other the love of Jesus in the Eucharist.

A few weeks later when Louisa was undergoing therapy at home, we visited one specialist who did a blood test for her to check for hepatitis. The specialist had explained that one in about 10 people has hepatitis, which will pass to other people through transfusion. Louisa already had received transfusion from over 110 people in a system for which the screening process is not without fault. Yet we were speechless when the test results turned out all negative.

Prayer can longer be adequately expressed in words, especially each time when my most sweet Jesus humbles His Body and Blood to come to me. If I am ever distracted, I pray that I may hear nothing. It is like whatever happens around me does not matter any more, so that I may not let anything else to be in the way between Jesus and me.

The love of Jesus knows no bound. The only bound is perhaps in our determination and commitment. The more we respond to His intimate love, the more He invites us into the ocean of his love.


The communion with Jesus is just so sweet. I feel so sorry that love of Jesus is often not known by many of his own people. Whatever love I am capable of, I wish I can give to Jesus. My regret is the limitation in my weakness that I am only capable of this much love. My dear Jesus, the little thing my miserable soul can offer is only these drops of tears when your heart is being inflicted with so much ingratitude. The bare 5 minutes after the communion towards the end of the mass is just too short to give Jesus even just this much love. I later started a very small commitment to accompany Jesus at least one hour per month. (Please refer to the February 2008 Issue of Accompanying Jesus.)

My sweet Jesus hidden in the Eucharist, You have chosen to bear our pain. Your heart is so much consumed with the fire of love. It is not imaginable how painful to love the ungrateful souls. Knowing that your sacrifice is still in vain for so many souls who will chose only worldly desires had caused you so much pain in your agony in the Garden. Sharing only a very small bit of your pain is enough for me to cry to death. Yet you continue to bear this pain as you humble yourself in the Eucharist.

My dear Jesus, many friends do not know how to accompany You. You never turn down anyone. When one knocks it will be open. Please grant the grace to accompany you. Allow me to offer my love, if it may help just a tiny bit to comfort your wounded heart.

Dear Jesus, there will be no need to implore my friends to accompany You when You return in glory. At that time, many people will want to accompany You. Yet I pray that we do not wait till that time. I pray that we desire to accompany You now when the world is rejecting You.

Dear friends in prayer, the chapel will be open the whole day every first Saturday for adoration. Please sign up to spend at least one hour each month to accompany Jesus.

Thank you very much for accompanying Jesus.














一直以來,我都以為是劉媽媽帶領著全家走上信仰之路的,今天的專訪才讓我真正的看到一個天主是一家之主的天主教的家庭,在智慧的帶領下每一個份子都發揮了他們的潛能,成就天主造人的功能,誠如經上說的『因為一切受造物,都有自己的用處。』能發揮天主造生的美意,這真是多麼有福氣的家庭啊!對於劉伯伯的驚人之語「沒出息」之說,在我深入了解他的中心思想後,在經上 我找到一段話是這麼說的:『我所認為幸福美滿的事,是人在天主所賞的少數歲月內,有吃有喝,且享受他在太陽下一切勞碌所得的福樂,這原是他應得的一分。』原來他並不是標準高而是信服聖經上的教導。經上又說:『智慧的真諦蘊藏在聖經裏。』劉伯伯更是明白其中的道理,所以才會以聖言傳家,現在我們看到的是一個天主許諾祝福的家庭。

























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