Our community has more than twenty years of history in Dallas. What began as five or six families coming together to study the Bible and pray together, quickly became a community that regularly gathered at nearby churches for Masses and meetings. As the numbers grew, they requested that the Diocese of Dallas help establish a permanent Chinese Catholic community in 1990. In 1992, we put our money together and purchased a small office building in Richardson, Texas. By the end of 1993, we had renovated it to become our sanctuary and activity hall. With the guidance of priests seconded from Taiwan and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, our small community grew stronger in numbers and in faith.


Sacred Heart Chinese School

The aim of the Sacred Heart Chinese School is to preserve and propagate the beautiful traditional Chinese culture and to serve the Chinese youth of Dallas-Fort Worth region by teaching them the rich and enduring heritage of the Chinese cultural patrimony for their intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth and development.

Religious Education of Children and Youth

The REC is responsible for transmitting the Catholic doctrine to our children and young adults. The team educates youth in the correct understanding of the Catholic faith, the Holy Bible, Sacred Tradition, and the Church and teaches them to love God and neighbor in their everyday life.


The Library indexes, organizes, and lends Publications, books, newspapers, CDs, DVDs and tapes about the Catholic Faith and Religion. This serves as useful and rich material to help Bible studies and general spiritual growth.

Social Communications Committee

The SCC has the objectives of meeting new friends. Using writings, sharing and strengthening our common faith, and befriending non-baptized people with life witnesses, we strive to lead others to the knowledge of the Good News. Responsibilities include the publication of our Bi-Monthly “Grapevine”, Website, Activity Photos, News Items, and Advertisements.

Marriage Encounter

The ME helps Sino-American couples to have a blissful married life and a happy family by bringing God’s love into every household. It promotes the following activities: An annual Marriage Encounter and workshops of various family topics to uplift both marriage qualities and communion of family members.

Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults

The RCIA introduces Christ to non-baptized friends, helping them to know God, enter the Catholic Church, and become Catholics.

Adult Formation Team

The AFT protects and deepens adult believers in their faith, hope, and charity, in order to guarantee the continuity and traditions of their faith. Activities include Sunday School for Adults, Group Bible Sharing, Annual Retreats, and Religious Talks.

Pastoral Advisory Council

The PAC is an advisory unit, representing the whole parish in the pastoral work of the parish. It presents the hopes and wishes of the parish to the pastor. It evaluates the parishioners’ pastoral reactions and discusses them before presenting suggestions to the pastor and the various pastoral committees.

Prayer Group

The PG members imitate the love of Jesus Christ for his Father and for humankind, and obey his commandment to pray for the coming of the kingdom and the unity and conversion of all. The Prayer Group exists to teach others to pray at all times and live in thanksgiving and joy.

Liturgy Committee

The LC assists the parish priest in faithfully carrying out, according to the Sacred Rites, the liturgy of the Eucharistic celebrations and other ceremonies, with appropriate sacred music arrangements and the atmosphere of the liturgy. It also has the duty to train qualified personnel for altar service and other liturgical activities. Duties include the assignments of liturgical readings, Eucharistic ministers, altar servers, music selections, and sanctuary decorations.

Legion of Mary

The LOM helps members (Legionaries) learn the many virtues of the Blessed Mother through continuous devout prayers and assiduous spirit in carrying out assigned activities. Its aim is to sanctify its members and to help the Blessed Mother Mary expand her Son’s kingdom and bring God to every soul. It has the following activities: Evangelization, home visits, visits to sick Catholics and friends in hospitals, and helping all our unfortunate and distressed con-nationals in our midst.

Choir Group

The CCG rejoices in praising God through simple and prayerful voices. The members express their songs and praises from the bottom of their hearts to offer their love, their prayers, and their thanksgiving to God.

Administrative Group

The AG is responsible for the building maintenance, management and security, general and office supply purchasing, utility expenses and Sunday lunch.

Accounting Team

The team is responsible for the accounting functions of the church. It provides accurate financial statements for the church and members through proper internal control and external auditing.

Financial Advisory Council

The FAC assists and advises the pastor in all financial matters including the planning and implementation of improvements to the property of the parish.

Evergreen Association

The EA gathers to make good use of the wisdom of the elders in order to enrich one another’s life by serving the Mission. Members serve by mutually assisting and encouraging one another, preserving one’s own health and happiness, and visiting and helping the needy members of the Association.

Outreach Program

The OP offers assistance to the needy. It also welcomes new friends into the parish and shares God’s grace with them. Its works include Welcome Angels Party, Adult Welcoming Party, Visiting the Needy, Voluntary Work for the North Texas Food Bank, Thanksgiving Dinners for the Sick Seniors and Singles, Christmas Children’s Party, and the Angel Tree Project.