Our community has more than twenty years of history in Dallas. What began as five or six families coming together to study the Bible and pray together, quickly became a community that regularly gathered at nearby churches for Masses and meetings. As the numbers grew, they requested that the Diocese of Dallas help establish a permanent Chinese Catholic community in 1990. In 1992, we put our money together and purchased a small office building in Richardson, Texas. By the end of 1993, we had renovated it to become our sanctuary and activity hall. With the guidance of priests seconded from Taiwan and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, our small community grew stronger in numbers and in faith.

6/5/2016 Announcement


SundayMass Announcement主日彌撒宣布事項 – 6/5/2016


Eucharistic adoration before English mass every Sunday is from 8:15-9:15am.


Today after the Chinese Mass we will have a birthday cake for those parishioners who were born in June.  Please come and celebrate with us.



慕道班將於六月十二日 (下一個主日) ,下午一時半, 舉行「健康講座」, 希望藉此吸引一些未來的教友, 也竭誠歡迎教友參加。

我們請到兩位目前從事醫療保健專業教友,介紹分享:  由孟曉飛姊妹主講「慢性病的特殊膳食,以及由鄭懿興姊妹主講「口腔內膜保健」. 講座備有簡單茶點,歡迎教友邀請朋友參加,也希望教友踴躍參與及協助接待。

當天彌撒後餐廳有午餐服務, 要訂午餐的教友,請於請今天彌撒後至前廳登記。

若有任何問題 , 請與楊韓琦姊妹或郭淑貞姊妹聯絡。

Saturday 6/11 at 3:30pm, we will have a Chinese altar server training and a BBQ potluck is to follow. For details please contact Lily Gan.

611 周六下午330,我們有中文輔祭訓練,接下來有烤肉聚餐。詳情請與王守正或李莅莉聯


从现在到 6/5 每星期天1020 练唱。我们要练领圣体(二) 的歌。






8/7/2016 Announcement
Monday, 08 August 2016
SundayMass Announcement主日彌撒宣布事項 – 8/7/2016 Eucharistic adoration before English mass every Sunday is from 8:15-9:15am.... Read More...
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Monday, 04 January 2016
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